Insulated, Non-Magnetic Central Air Conditioning Vent Covers - Cover Any Vent!


Homeowners - Lower Your Energy Bill this Winter:

Use VentSTOP Vent Covers to cover all Central Air Conditioning Registers,
Return Vents & Whole House Fans - of any size!
You'll Save Energy, Save Money and Eliminate Drafts!

Insulated, non-magnetic AC vent cover for central air conditioning registers, vents, return vents, whole house fan shutters and louver covers
VentSTOP Vent Covers are the most effective way to cover any vent
and can be used as an air deflector/air redirector
VentSTOP Insulated, Non-Magnetic Vent Covers:
  • Cover any vent: Central Air Conditioning (CAC) registers, returns, whole-house fan shutters & louvers
  • Are available in CUSTOM sizes
  • Pay for themselves, typically within a single heating season
  • Install with Velcro, so they are non-magnetic
  • Are reusable, year after year
  • Increase comfort by retaining heat and reducing drafts
  • Install quickly and easily, every time
  • Can be used as an air deflector to direct airflow
Product Facts:
  • VentSTOP is 5/32" THIN, rollable and extremely lightweight
  • VentSTOP vent covers have an R value of 14, the same as 3.5" thick fiberglass insulation!
  • VentSTOP provides a radiant barrier to keep heat in and cold out
  • VentSTOP is a layer of insulation on your vents
  • VentSTOP is applied with Velcro and works where magnets won't
  • VentSTOP vent covers come in nearly every size with custom vent covers available
VentSTOP Uses:
  • Cover any vent during the winter
  • Doubles as A/C vent air deflector or re-director
  • A/C vent cover in an unused room
VentSTOP Benefits:
  • Eliminates drafts from vents
  • Helps prevent moisture damage (rust, mold, mildew)
  • Hardly noticeable when applied
Insulated non-magnetic vent covers for central air conditioning vents, air conditioning registers, returns whole house fans, fan shutters, fan louversVentSTOP is a lightweight, durable, and reusable
vent cover applied directly to any vent
Insulated nonmagnetic vent covers for central air conditioning vents, returns whole house fans shutters louversVentSTOP is no more noticeable
than an uncovered vent!

Central air conditioning return and register vents, as well as whole house or attic fan shutters and louvers are a major source of heat loss that can be easily stopped with VentSTOP. Expensive heat escapes and cool air enters through every vent in your home. Covering all vents stops this heat loss, lowering energy usage and reducing your gas and oil energy bills. VentSTOP is an effective, reusable and totally green vent cover system that will save you money this and every winter!