Winterizing Central Air Conditioning (CAC) Vents. Wait, what? I need to do that?? January 07 2018

There is nothing stopping your COSTLY HEAT from entering through those vents into the cooler ducts.  And when it does, the warm air cools and re-enters your living space as DRAFTS, creating double trouble: First, you're loosing heat.  Second, that warm air is creating a new air-flow that makes a cold draft.  NOT GOOD!

Considerations When Covering or Redirecting Active Vents April 21 2016

We're seeing the spike in orders that usually come with the start of Cooling Season (that's what we call it, but it equates to late spring - early fall).  Many of these orders are to cover, reduce or redirect the air coming from active Central A/C cooling vents in rooms or areas that are too cold.  This can be be done with some considerations and caution - these are not based on fact, just common sense and you may want to check with your HVAC installer before doing any of this:

  • Don't completely cover more than 10% of your active vents (those with air coming out when the system is on).  Why? HVAC systems are designed for a certain amount of airflow/CFMs through the system and limiting this airflow can damage a system by causing condensation on the coils and/or overworking the blower motor.
  • VentSTOP can be used to redirect or limit the amount of air coming from a given vent.  Because of its design, you can pull back a side or a corner of the VentSTOP cover to redirect and/or limit the airflow to cold areas, or to prevent air from blowing right on you or your family.  (Consider the point above - too much limitation/reduction of airflow across your HVAC system can have negative effects.)
  • If you're covering active heating vents, the heat may weaken the adhesive on the Velcro.

Please let us know if you have any questions and remember to #ventresponsibly!

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Winterizing Central Air Conditioning Vents - An Important Step to Save Energy & Money November 03 2014

That autumn crispness has returned!  Time to winterize your home and make it as efficient as possible for the coming cold winter months.

One of the simplest, most beneficial - yet most overlooked - winterizing steps, is to cover ALL of your central air conditioning AC vents (or registers), large return vents and even your whole-house fan shutters and louvers.  Why?  They are gaping holes in your ceilings, walls and floors for heat to escape and cool drafts to enter your home. 

Most vents are in the ceiling and we all know that heat rises - if there's nothing to seal and insulate your vents, your expensive heat will escape right into the duct work.  Then, that warm air will cool in the ducts and re-enter your home through those same vents.  Not only are your vents allowing heat to escape, they're also allowing cool drafts into your home!  This is terribly inefficient and uncomfortable.

Even if you "close" your vents - that does almost nothing to prevent heat loss and drafts, because the built-in louvers in your vents are far from air tight. With VentSTOP, each vent cover is a layer of insulation with a radiant barrier, to keep warm air in your home - and out of your ducts.  VentSTOP is the most effective way to close your all of your vents this winter and every winter.  And VentSTOP vent covers are available in essentially EVERY size! 

Have a look at our catalog now and start saving money on your energy bills this winter with VentSTOP!

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Lower Heating Bills Simply by Covering AC Registers & Vents August 14 2014

It doesn't matter if you heat your home with oil, natural gas, propane, or any other fuel - it's expensive and you certainly don't want to waste it.  You make sure your doors and windows are shut tightly and you probably take extra steps, spending extra money - every year - weather-sealing your home to prevent heat loss and cold drafts...

...But did you know that your central air conditioning registers, return vents and whole-house fan shutters and louvers are HUGE contributors to heat and energy loss?  You've surely felt drafts from your central air conditioning registers and vents...   And it doesn't matter that you close the registers - those closures are FAR from air tight!  The fact is, to eliminate vent drafts, and prevent heat from escaping into your ducts, you need to cover each and every one of your central air conditioning registers and vents - most importantly your large, central air return vents and certainly your whole-house fan shutters and louvers, should you have them.  They're nothing but gaping heat-loss holes - especially whole-house fan shutters and louvers - they allow heat to escape DIRECTLY to your attic! BRRRR!!  (After all...  Most vents and registers are in the ceiling.  And... heat rises! It's simple physics we all learned at a very young age.) 

If you don't cover all of your registers and vents, you're losing heat, wasting energy and money and dealing with uncomfortable drafts.  Thankfully, you're in the right place, because VentSTOP is the first vent cover SYSTEM that is designed to allow you to easily, effectively and affordably cover ALL of your central air conditioning registers and vents - no matter how big or small they are.

The bottom line: You CAN lower your energy and heating bills, simply by covering your air conditioning registers, return vents and whole-house fans this winter!

Thank you for reading and please, contact us should you have any questions about VentSTOP.  And remember, Vent Responsibly! :-)

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