Winterizing Central Air Conditioning Vents - An Important Step to Save Energy & Money November 03 2014

That autumn crispness has returned!  Time to winterize your home and make it as efficient as possible for the coming cold winter months.

One of the simplest, most beneficial - yet most overlooked - winterizing steps, is to cover ALL of your central air conditioning AC vents (or registers), large return vents and even your whole-house fan shutters and louvers.  Why?  They are gaping holes in your ceilings, walls and floors for heat to escape and cool drafts to enter your home. 

Most vents are in the ceiling and we all know that heat rises - if there's nothing to seal and insulate your vents, your expensive heat will escape right into the duct work.  Then, that warm air will cool in the ducts and re-enter your home through those same vents.  Not only are your vents allowing heat to escape, they're also allowing cool drafts into your home!  This is terribly inefficient and uncomfortable.

Even if you "close" your vents - that does almost nothing to prevent heat loss and drafts, because the built-in louvers in your vents are far from air tight. With VentSTOP, each vent cover is a layer of insulation with a radiant barrier, to keep warm air in your home - and out of your ducts.  VentSTOP is the most effective way to close your all of your vents this winter and every winter.  And VentSTOP vent covers are available in essentially EVERY size! 

Have a look at our catalog now and start saving money on your energy bills this winter with VentSTOP!

Thanks for reading!