Considerations When Covering or Redirecting Active Vents April 21 2016

We're seeing the spike in orders that usually come with the start of Cooling Season (that's what we call it, but it equates to late spring - early fall).  Many of these orders are to cover, reduce or redirect the air coming from active Central A/C cooling vents in rooms or areas that are too cold.  This can be be done with some considerations and caution - these are not based on fact, just common sense and you may want to check with your HVAC installer before doing any of this:

  • Don't completely cover more than 10% of your active vents (those with air coming out when the system is on).  Why? HVAC systems are designed for a certain amount of airflow/CFMs through the system and limiting this airflow can damage a system by causing condensation on the coils and/or overworking the blower motor.
  • VentSTOP can be used to redirect or limit the amount of air coming from a given vent.  Because of its design, you can pull back a side or a corner of the VentSTOP cover to redirect and/or limit the airflow to cold areas, or to prevent air from blowing right on you or your family.  (Consider the point above - too much limitation/reduction of airflow across your HVAC system can have negative effects.)
  • If you're covering active heating vents, the heat may weaken the adhesive on the Velcro.

Please let us know if you have any questions and remember to #ventresponsibly!

Thanks for reading!

-The VentSTOP Team