Winterizing Central Air Conditioning (CAC) Vents. Wait, what? I need to do that?? January 07 2018

Would you like to save energy?  How about MONEY??  Yes to both!?  Then the answer is "YES, you need to winterize your Central Air Conditioning (CAC) vents!"  Here's the deal: Heat rises.  We all know that.  Heat also moves from a warmer space or object to a cooler space or object.  The warm space in this case, is your living quarters that you pay (dearly) to heat and keep comfortable.  The cooler space, then, is the web of duct work that lives beyond the vents and registers you see in your ceilings, floors and sometimes, walls. 

There is nothing stopping your COSTLY HEAT from entering through those vents into the cooler ducts.  And when it does, the warm air cools and re-enters your living space as DRAFTS, creating double trouble: First, you're loosing heat.  Second, that warm air is creating a new air-flow that makes a cold draft.  NOT GOOD!

Now, the basic requirement here is that you have two climate control systems: One for heating your home and the second, for cooling your home.  (And the cooling system could be CAC, a whole-house fan, air circulator, attic fan, etc.)  These systems are also mutually exclusive, meaning, you would not run both at the same time...

VentSTOP gives you the easiest, most effective and most complete solution to cover EVERY vent in your home, year after year after year, because it is totally reusable and comes in every size you can think of.  (And if there's one we don't have in our catalog, we will custom cut covers just for you!)

Please have a look at our catalog and start saving money NOW with VentSTOP!

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