VentSTOP vs. Magnetic Vent Covers

Benefit VentSTOP Magnetic Vent Covers
Applicable on ANY vent
Applied with Velcro, VentSTOP adheres to any vent surface.
Only work with steel or iron vents. Most vents are made of aluminum, rendering magnetic covers useless.
Acts as a layer of insulation between cold ducts and heated living space
VentSTOP is rated at R14, is only 5/32" thin and has four layers.
Magnetic covers do not provide any degree of insulation.
Provides a true thermal break
VentSTOP's foil and sealed air layers separate cool air from heated air.
Magnetic covers have no thermal shielding properties.
Acts as a radiant barrier
VentSTOP’s foil layer prevents radiant transfer of heat through VentSTOP covers.
Magnetic covers allow heat to radiate into your ducts